Useful Portuguese Phrases. Juan: Como se diz "Free" em Português?

Hello everyone! Welcome to one more Dica! Today we will study a few useful Portuguese Phrases to help you improve your Portuguese! Ready? So, come with us!

Useful Portuguese Phrases

There are expressions that everybody needs to know in order to have a good conversation. That’s why we listed 18 of the most important expressions we have for you to study. Check it out!

O que significa isso?
Como se diz “Free” em Português?
Desculpe, eu não entendo.
Você pode repetir, por favor?
Pode falar de novo, por favor?
Pode falar mais devagar, por favor?
“Entendi” ou “Não entendi”.
Acho que sim / Acho que não.
Eu não sei.
Muito obrigado(a).
De nada.
Com licença.
Um momento, por favor.
Não tem problema.
Que dia é hoje?
Que horas são?
What does that mean?
How can I say “Free” in Portuguese?
Sorry, I don’t understand.
Can you repeat, please?
Can you say it again, please?
Can you speak slower, please?
“I got it” or “I didn’t get it”
I think so / I don’t think so.
I don’t know.
Thank you very much.
You are welcome.
Excuse me.
One moment, please.
It’s not a problem.
What day is today?
What time is it?

Besides these expressions, don’t forget that greetings are great to start a conversation. Now, let’s see an example:


Useful Portuguese Phrases. Joshua: Igor, que dia é hoje?

Joshua: Igor, Que dia é hoje?
Igor: Hoje é dia 22 de janeiro.
Joshua: Muito obrigada!
Igor: De nada!
Joshua: Igor, what day is today?
Igor: Today is January 22nd.
Joshua: Thank you very much.
Igor: You are welcome!

Now it’s your turn to practice!
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