Bathroom Objects in Portuguese

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On our Dica today we are going to learn the names of the bathroom objects in Portuguese. Let’s learn how to write and pronounce the names of the different utensils you can find in your bathroom.

Bathroom Objects

Bathroom Objects in Portuguese. Handtowel: A Toalha de rosto.

Bathroom Objects in Portuguese. The towel: A toalha de banho.

Bathroom items in Portuguese: The soap: O sabonete.

Examples of Bathroom Objects in Portuguese: Bath sponge. A esponja de banho.

Examplos of Bathroom items in Portuguese:. The shampoo. O xampu.
The toothpaste: A pasta de dente.

The toothbrush: A escova de dente.

Objects you can find in a man's bathroom. The razor: O barbeador.

The shaving cream: O creme de barbear.

The toilet paper: O papel higiênico.

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