Vegetables in Portuguese

5 de June de 2015

Hey guys from A Dica do Dia! Today our Dica is going to talk about Vegetables in Portuguese. Do you know how to say cucumber in Portuguese? What about pumpkin in Portuguese? Did you know the green vegetables have a different name in Portuguese? Do you know what pepino means in Portuguese? Well, let’s be healthy and learn more about this tasty vocabulary!

Legumes e Verduras

In Brazil, we have a difference among Legumes and Vegetables. We call vegetables that in general have leaves and are green, such as lettuce, Verduras. The Verduras are low calorie foods, we can say that they are the portuguese green vegetables. The Legumes are salty foods, they can be cereals and they have more calories than the verduras, such as potatoes and carrots.


examples of vegetables in portuguese: pumpkin in portuguese is abobora
examples of vegetables in portuguese: garlic in portuguese is alho
examples of vegetables in portuguese: beterraba beetles
examples of vegetables in portuguese: carrot in portuguese is cenoura
examples of vegetables in portuguese: inhame yam
examples of vegetables in portuguese: corn in portuguese is milho
okra is quiabo
legumes in portuguese: tomato in portuguese means tomate
examples of vegetables in portuguese: abobrinha
examples of vegetables in portuguese: potatoes in portuguese is batata
examples of vegetables in portuguese: berinjela
examples of vegetables in portuguese: chuchu
examples of vegetables in portuguese: mandioca
turnip is nabo
examples of vegetables in portuguese: pepino

More Legumes

o rabaneteradish
o palmitoheart of palm
o aspargoasparagus
a ervilhagreen peas
o grΓ£o de bicochickpeas
a endΓ­viaendive
o feijΓ£o pretoblack beans
os cogumelos mushroom


cress is agriΓ£o
verduras in portuguese: lettuce in portuguese is alface
example of celery: aipo
cauliflower is couve-flor

 More Verduras

a couvecollard greens
a escarolaescarole
o espinafrespinach
o repolhocabbage
a rΓΊculaarugula
a alcachofraartichoke
o brΓ³colisbroccoli
a acelgaacelga
o manjericΓ£obasil
o salsΓ£ocelery
o alho-porΓ³leek

Metaphors Using Vegetables in Portuguese

Did you know that we have a curious expression with the pepino in Portuguese? If a Brazilian tells you to “resolver um pepino“, it means that you must solve something difficult. The metaphor was created because cucumber is a food that used to cause a lot of stomach problems because it was difficult to digest.

I believe you know a lot of people who just talk nonsense. When someone is talking about meaningless things, we say that these people “sΓ³ falam abobrinhas”! Funny, right?

Finally, if you are sure that something will happen in a certain way, you just need one single interjection: Γ‰ BATATA! We use this expression when we are sure about something or how something will happen!

Γ‰ batata que vocΓͺ vai aprender portuguΓͺs!

For sure you will learn Portuguese!

Practice Your Pronunciation!

Practice a little bit more with the Vegetables in Portuguese that you learned in our video:

Fun Fact

In the animation Popeye, the main character was very strong because he ate spinach every day!

Now that you know many Vegetables in Portuguese, you can go to the supermarket and buy your ingredients and prepare an excellent meal. Now let’s challenge ourselves! Can you name in Portuguese some green vegetables? Do you remember the word for pumpkin or cucumber in Portuguese?

Thank you for reading our Dica about Vegetables in Portuguese! Until the next one, bye!

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