How to use Ir in Portuguese. Example sentence using the verb to go + means of transportation: Eles sempre vão de navio para a Europa.

Hello guys! Let’s learn a bit more of Portuguese?
Today, we are going to talk about the how to use Ir in Portuguese.

How to use Ir in Portuguese

We use the verb ir to talk about the kind of transportation we are going to use or the place we are going to. Depending on what you want to say, you’ll need a different preposition. Take a look

Verb Ir with Transportation

If you want to say the mean of transportation, then you need to use the preposition De.

Eu sempre vou de bicicleta para o trabalho.
I always go to work by bicycle.

Você vai de carro para o centro?
Are you going downtown by car?

Ele sempre vai de avião para os EUA.
He always goes to USA by plane.

Vocês vão de táxi para casa?
Are you going home by taxi?

Eles vão de trem para o escritório.
They go to the office by train.

However, there are two occasions in which we need a different preposition. In this case, we use A:

Nós vamos a pé para a escola.
We are going to school on foot.

O vaqueiro vai a cavalo para o rodeio.
The cowboy goes to the rodeo on a horse.

Verb Ir with Places

If you are using the verb Ir with places, then you also need to use the preposition Para:

Eu vou para a praia.
I go to the beach.

Ele vai para o supermercado.
He goes to the supermarket.

Nós vamos para as Bahamas.
We go to Bahamas.

Eles vão para os Estados Unidos.
They go to the United States.

You can find more examples with the verb Ir for places on our Dica Present Tense of Ir.

Now we know how to use Ir in Portuguese.
See you in the next Portuguese lesson!

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