Affirmative verbs in Portuguese

22 de November de 2013

Affirmative verbs in Portuguese

Affirmative verbs in Portuguese. Eles estão se divertindo na RioLIVE!? Estão!

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Well, in our Video Dica today, we are  going to talk about affirmative verbs in Portuguese. It’s a very simple and easy thing! Check this out! The correct form to answer a question is always with Sim (yes), when the answer is affirmative, but Brazilians are used to answer with verbs instead of Sim. So, what do I want to say with this?

Let’s see some examples using some affirmative verbs instead of Sim.

Examples of affirmative verbs in Portuguese

Você é carioca? Sou.
Are you carioca? I am.

Ele é Americano? Sim, ele é.
Is he American? Yes, he is.

A Rio & Learn é próxima à praia? Sim, é.
Is Rio & Learn close to the beach? Yes, it is.

Você gosta do Rio de Janeiro? Sim, gosto.
Do you like Rio de Janeiro? Yes, I like it.

Você acha que está quente? Sim, acho.
Do you think it is hot? Yes, I think so.

Você vai casar com ele (ela)? Sim, vou.
Will you marry him (her)? Yes, I will.

So, in all these cases the most correct form to answer would be with a simple yes instead of using another verb. Us Brazilians don’t usually do that, we always answer using a verb.

So, that’s it guys!
This is a very simple yet important Video Dica! Now you have a better understaning on how Brazilians speak on a day-to-day basis. Doesn’t that make Portuguese a bit easier to learn? =)

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