Vidigal day


Beer at Alto Vidigal Hostel.
Beer at Alto Vidigal Hostel.

Today we spent the afternoon walking through the Favela do Vidigal. As we hiked up the steep streets, we had the opportunity to bear witness to the vibrancy of the houses and the kindness of the locals. What I enjoyed most about the excursion, was that it provided a window into the lives of the locals, and life in a favela, without feeling intrusive. When we reached the top of the favela, we had a spectacular view of the neighborhood we had just walked through, and the beaches (Lebon, and Ipanema), below. We finished our outing by taking in the view over refreshing drinks and lively conversation.

Ella Sevareid, United States.

Portuguese students at Favela do Vidigal.
Relaxing at Vidigal.

When we left Copacabana towards Vidigal, our goal was to walk by the favela and then go hiking at Morro Dois Irmãos. However, the weather didn’t let us face the trail. So we walked by the favela enjoying the beautiful views it offers and went to Alto Vidigal Hostel, which has one of the most beautiful landscapes of Rio de Janeiro. A great place to have a beer, Speak Portuguese and enjoy the Wonderful City.

During our walk our Students of Portuguese took the opportunity to talk about the UPP (Peacemaker Police Unit) and asked many things about the favelas in Rio de Janeiro. No walking is complete without stopping to try the famous Açaí. Besides that, we started to organized ourselves for the weekend, when there will be a funk event on Saturday and our students promissed tocome back to the favela to enjoy the night life.

If you seek to practice Portuguese and have fun at the same time your place is here at Rio & Learn, participating in our RioLIVE! Activities.

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