Visiting an antique neigbourhood

having lunch in santa teresa

About 20 of us took a trip to Santa Teresa with our lovely guides Ana Paula and Monique leading the way. After enjoying a family-style feijoada meal together, we walked through the city and visited the ruins of an old house with great views of the city in Parque das Ruinas. We ended the day at the famous Lapa steps (Escadaria Selarón) where everyone had fun searching for tiles representing their home country. It was another lovely afternoon making new friends, practicing Portuguese in a relaxed environment, & learning about Brazilian culture!

Tania Crafton, United States

finding tiles in escadaria selaron

Visiting an antique neighbourhood called Santa Teresa on Friday!
It is one of our best tours. Why? Because it involves food and charming places. Even one of our teachers from the online classes decided to join (also, thank you for your help and company, Monique)! The group was huge, and it felt like a big family sharing feijoada for lunch. After that, we explored the ruins of an antique house in Parque das Ruínas and dreamed of what it would be like to live with that beautiful view. The tiles from Escadaria Selarón were so interesting; we even got to find some from our country’s soccer teams.

Bar do mineiro for lunch

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santa teresas's beautiful colours

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