Visiting the beaches of Barra

Visiting the beaches of Barra

Pedra do Telégrafo hike
Pedra do Telégrafo hike.

RioLIVE!  del domingo pasado fuè una experiencia fenomenal, disfrutè y aprendi mucho sobre la cultura  y arquitectura de  cada uno de los lugares que visitè ( playas de Grumary y pepe). Los profesores y alumnos interactuan en un ambiente amigable que pemite mejorar  las destreza con respecto a la comunicaciòn con las personas que viven en Rìo de Janeiro.

Bella Arraez, Colombia.

Visiting the beaches of Barra.
Visiting the beaches of Barra.
On Sunday we enjoyed our day visiting the beaches of Barra da Tijuca. Besides being beautiful, the neighborhood offers several options of fun and beautiful beaches. Our RioLIVE! started at the Pedra do Telégrafo hike, the whole walk was a big challenge, but the view from the top was impeccable.
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After that we visited the beaches. Our first stop was at Grumari beach. It’s only possible to go to this beach by car. As there are no houses around, Grumari keeps a strong aspect of nature and a breathtaking beach.
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In the end of our RioLIVE! we went to Pepê beach, the most famous beach in Barra. There we watched and incredible sunset. What a beautiful day!!!!!!
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