Visiting the Beaches of Barra

Visiting the Beaches of Barra

Visiting the beaches of barra. Selfing and enjoying.
Selfing and enjoying.

Avec l’ equipe de RioLIVE! J ai passe une journee a la plage de Prainha et Grumari a Barra de Tijuca , nous avons fait une randonnee au sommet d une montagne avec des vues incroyables sur les cotes et plages aux alentours. Jai pu profiter d une journee fantastique et inoubliable.

Laurent Cauchard. France.


Visiting the beaches of Barra. Happy students visiting a different but a nice place.
Happy students visiting a different but a nice place.

Visiting the Beaches of Barra is a good activity in Rio de Janeiro. Our Portuguese students did it last Saturday with our RioLIVE! Weekend. The beaches of Barra aren’t very popular for tourists, but surely a good option in Rio de Janeiro. We started it at Rio & Learn and then headed to the place, even with a cloudy weather, it was possible to enjoy its beauties. We could see the excitement on their face, they couldn’t wait to get there.

Visiting the beaches of Barra.

Before getting to the beach, our Portuguese students could do a nice hike and have contact with nature and also see a lot of small monkeys inside the forest. They were really ‘friendly’ and our students could take a lot of pictures.


Visiting the beaches of Barra. Interacting with little friends.
Interacting with little friends.

After interacting with our little friends, it was time to enjoy the beaches of Barra and what the Carioca nature can offer, we visited the beaches of Grumari and Prainha, very calm cozy beaches where you can have a good opportunity to relax. There, they could have some time enjoy, get to know each other and the place, they also did a lot of questions about these beaches, a very nice way to practice their Portuguese visting the beaches of Barra.

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September 2016

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