Visiting Confeitaria Colombo

Visiting Confeitaria Colombo

Visiting Confeitaria Colombo.
Waiting for some coffee

在Confeitaria Colombo和同學們一起欣賞內部堂皇的裝潢, 聽著鋼琴的音樂,品嚐好吃的甜點,真的好高興。

Po ling Chan, China.


Located in the central part of Rio de Janeiro, visiting Confeitaria Colombo is a very touristic activity here in the central region of Rio. Founded in 1894 by the Portuguese imigrants Joaquim Borges de Meireles and Manoel José Lebrão, visting Confeitaria Colombo was during a long time, a place and an activity where many people used to go to meet, have some coffee and also talk about the different subjects of that time, such as repuplic’s proclamation and later, the president’s decisions. It has a classic style, so, big part of the furniture and the mirrors around it are imported from Europe. Among its famous clients are the classic musicians Chiquinha Gonzaga and Villa – Lobos, and the presidents Getúlio Vargas and Juscelino Kubtischek.

Our students from Romania, Colombia, United States, England, Australia and China visited this place and had the opportunity to know Confeitaria Colombo, the center of Rio de janeiro and also see how the old city’s atmosphere used to be at that time. They could get information about the place while they had some coffee, tea and some good desserts too.

In the end, they were very happy with this different expericence, since Confeitaria Colombo has a very social and intelectual environment. And you, when will you have this amazing experience of enjoying RioLive!













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