Visiting Lapa

Visiting Lapa

Escadaria Selarón (Selarón Stairs).
Escadaria Selarón (Selarón Stairs).

El viernes fue noche de caipirinhas y escadaria selaron en Lapa. Aprendimos a hacer caipirinhas con o Rei do Limão, una figura, todo un personaje que se roba el show de la noche, es realmente muy divertido. Terminamos experimentando caipirinhas de maracujá, kiwi, limão, abacaxi, cualquier sabor exótico que quisieras.

Andres Alvarado, Costa Rica.

Fun, Portuguese and Caipirinhas with Rei do Limãos.
Fun, Portuguese and Caipirinhas with Rei do Limão.
We spent our last Friday visiting Lapa. It was a really fun night in which we took the opportunity to speak Portuguese. Our activity started with a visit to Escadaria Selarón (Selarón Stairs). It’s a beautiful place that has to be seen by all tourists in Rio de Janeiro. There it’s possible to find tiles from over 150 countries, and so we louched a challenge to our students: Find a tile that came from their country. It was really cool, because when a student found his tile, it was the reason for celebration.
After that we went to Boteco Belmonte to have dinner. At that moment our students started asking many questions about Brazilian cusine. We ate a lot and were ready for our caipirinha classes. We went to Rei do Limão and had a very fun caipirinha class. On the first round, the students watched closely the steps to make a great caipirinha, since the second round was theirs to make. One of Rei do Limão speacialties is to mix different fruits to make even better caipirinhas. Our students did really well, and their caipirinhas were delicious.
Spending our Friday visiting Lapa was a fun way to enjoy a pleasant night in Rio de Janeiro. Come have fun with us taking part in our RioLIVE! Activities.
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