Visiting Porto Maravilha

23 de September de 2016

Visiting Porto Maravilha

Visiting Porto Maravilha. Students in front of Museu do AmanhΓ£ in a sunny and beautiful day.
Visiting Porto Maravilha. Students in front of Museu do AmanhΓ£.

La visita a la villa olΓ­mpica fue increΓ­ble, conocΓ­ partes de Rio que no habΓ­a visto y quedΓ© fascinado con los murales que se encuentran en el puerto, un lugar sΓΊper recomendado! Salir con los chicos de RioLIVE! a visitar la ciudad me ha ayudado mucho a mejorar el idioma y ahora es parte bΓ‘sica de mi aprendizaje.

Gerardo Ronquillo, Mexico.

Β Yesterday, we spent ourΒ afternoon visiting Porto Maravilha. This RioLIVE! is very interesting, because the region of Porto has been completely renovated to improve many things. The refurbishment helped to improveΒ the mobility of people in theΒ area and the renovation of the city. In addition to it, there are two museums. It attracts people not only for beauty, but also for its content.
Visiting Porto Maravilha. Students posing in front of the first plane created by Santos Dumont.Visiting Porto Maravilhasam_2438-rio-learnsam_2439-rio-learn

The day was very nice and pleasant, so we took the opportunity to take lots of nice pictures and practice the Portuguese language, talking about the place and its curiosities. After that, we visited the Museu do AmanhΓ£, which has a large variety of scientific, projects for the future and various interactive devices to raise awareness.

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After that, we walked by the Porto Maravilha to see how beautiful the region is. Also, there are some magnificent walls with drawings of various types and colors.

sam_2473-rio-learn sam_2474-rio-learn sam_2476-rio-learn

So, come to Rio & Learn and practice portuguese having fun with our RioLIVE! activities.

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