Visiting Quinta da Boa Vista

Visiting Quinta da Boa Vista

Visting Quinta da Boa Vista and its historical details
Visting Quinta da Boa Vista and its historical details


Ahir la visita a Quinta da Boa Vista va ser molt interessant no únicament per les vistes al parc, que  son espectaculars sino per la debat que vam tenir entre els companys compartint opinions sobre la situació de Brasil i dels nostres paísos d´origen.  Si es vol completar la visita també es pot anar al zoo de la ciutat i al museu Nacional.

Mireia Vilá Cid, Barcelona, Spain. 


Visiting Quinta da Boa Vista is a very relaxing program that you can do here in Rio de Janeiro, it is a very beautiful park in the middle of the Rio’s urban zone. It used to be the official residence of the Brazilian emperor Dom Pedro II , inside the park there is a very big and classic house where the emperor used to live, now it is the National Museum of Brazil . After the proclamation of the republic, it became a park with nice trees, lakes and relaxing evironment.

Our students from, Spain, Italy, England and France were visiting Quinta da Boa Vista yesterday and they really liked to know more about the Brazilian monarchical period, the students started taking a walk through the place and analyzing how the emperor used to relax in his yard, they also liked to see many people jogging, running or even just reading below the trees. We continued walking around the lake inside the park and also seeing many kinds of birds that there are over there.

In the end, they finished the visitation having a conversation in front of the former Imperial Palace comparing the differences among many political systems around the world and also the differences between the monarchical and the republican period in Brazil. We are sure that they loved everything and will be back, how about you? Do you want to know Quinta da Boa Vista?
















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