Cash or installment purchases in Portuguese

Cash or installment purchases in Portuguese. Você prefere pagar à vista ou a prazo?

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On today’s Dica we will learn a little bit about how to make cash or installment purchases in Portuguese. Cash purchases are the ones you make in one lump sum, meaning you pay for the purchase in one go. Installment purchases (or installment plans) are the ones we pay every month. Paying for things in installments is a very common practice amongst Brazilians, specially if the total amount is high, and most of the stores offer installments with no interest, meaning you don’t pay a dime more than the original price. We have made two small dialogues so you can learn how to make cash or installment purchases in Portuguese:

Dialogue of a cash purchase

Vendedor: Olá, posso ajudar?
Cliente: Oi. Quero comprar duas passagens para São Paulo.
Vendedor: São R$ 300,00. Qual vai ser a forma de pagamento?
Cliente: Quero pagar à vista.
Vendedor: Perfeitamente.

Salesman: Hi, may I help you?
Client: Hi. I want to buy two tickets to São Paulo.
Salesman: That would be R$300,00. How would you like to pay for it?
Client: I want to pay all of it now.
Salesman: Perfectly.

Dialogue of an installment purchase

Vendedor: Boa tarde! Posso ajudar?
Cliente: Oi, pode sim. Quero comprar esta TV. Quanto custa?
Vendedor: É uma ótima TV. Custa R$ 1.500,00.
Cliente: Tudo bem, quero passar no cartão.
Vendedor: Qual vai ser a forma de pagamento, crédito ou débito?
Cliente: Crédito, prefiro pagar a prazo.
Vendedor: Tudo bem. Você pode dividir o pagamento em 10 vezes de R$150,00 sem juros.
Cliente: Tudo bem.

Salesman: Good afternoon! May I hep you?
Client: Hi, yes you may. I want to buy this TV. How much is it?
Salesman: It is a fine TV. The price is R$1.500,00.
Client: All right. I want to pay by card.
Salesman: And how would that be? Credit or debit?
Credit, I prefer to split the payments.
Good. You can split it into 10 quotas of R$150,00 with no interest.

Sup people, did you understand? Now that we know how to make cash or installment purchases in Portuguese, how about we visit all the countries that speak Portuguese and pay for our tickets in 12 installments? And what about your countries? Is it common to pay in installment plans, or only cash?

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