Bank Vocabulary in Portuguese

How are you doing? Are you ready to learn more Portuguese vocabulary?
On our Dica today, we’ll learn the bank vocabulary in Portuguese. So let’s watch the video and practice:

Bank Vocabulary

Bank Vocabulary in Portuguese. The ATM: O caixa eletrônico.

Bank Vocabulary in Portuguese. The money: O dinheiro.

Examples of bank Vocabulary in Portuguese. The bank notes: As cédulas ou as notas.

Bank Vocabulary in Portuguese for foreigners. The coins: As moedas.

The credit cards or the debit cards: Os cartões de crédito ou os cartões de débito.

Bank objects in Portuguese: The check: O cheque.

Parts of the bank in Portuguese. The cashier: O caixa.

Bank expressions in Portuguese. To cash out: Sacar dinheiro ou tirar dinheiro.

Bank objects in Portuguese. The deposit envelope: O envelope para depósito.

Vocabulário de Banco em Português: O depósito bancário.

Exemplos de vocabulário em um banco: O extrato bancário.

Banco em Português para estrangeiros: O câmbio.

Partes do banco em Português: A porta giratória.

Professionals at a bank. The security guard: O vigilante.

Atendimento de banco no Brasil. The line/queue: A fila.

Employees at a bank in Portuguese. The manager: O gerente.

Types of banking accounts in Portuguese. The savings account: A Poupança.

Bank expressions in Portuguese. Opening a checking or savings account: Abertura de conta corrente ou abertura de conta poupança.

Have you ever been to a bank in Brazil? Well, then you should. It’s the perfect place for you to practice Portuguese. Brazilian people love to talk while they are waiting in line.

Shall we go to a bank and practice a bit more?
See you there!

Kisses from Rio & Learn!


O caixa eletrônico
O dinheiro
As cédulas/notas
As moedas
Os cartões de crédito/débito
O cheque
O caixa
Sacar/Tirar dinheiro
O envelope para depósito
O depósito bancário
O extrato bancário
O câmbio
A porta giratória
O vigilante
A fila
O gerente
A poupança
Abertura de conta corrente/poupança
The money
The bank note/bills
The coins
Credit/debit cards
The check
The cashier
To withdraw money/cash out
The deposit envelope
The bank deposit
The bank statement
The exchange
The revolving door
The security guard
The queue/line
The manager
The savings account
Opening a checking/savings account

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