Street Vocabulary in Portuguese

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Let’s learn the street vocabulary in Portuguese. Listen and practice all the vocabulary you can find at the city streets.

Street Vocabulary

Street Vocabulary in Portuguese. The sidewalk: A calçada.

Street Vocabulary in Portuguese for Foreigners. The street: A rua.

Examples of Street Vocabulary in Portuguese. The cars: Os carros.

Types of roads in the city. The avenue: A avenida.

Examples of vocabulary of the city. The trees: As árvores.

Obects in the park in Portuguese. The square: O largo.

Vocabulary of the city in Portuguese. The hydrant: O hidrante.

Objects we can find in the city. The trash can: A lixeira.

Traffic vocabulary in Portuguese. The light: O semáforo ou sinal de trânsito.

Public places in the city. The park: A praça.

Park vocabulary in Portuguese. The bench: O banco.

Street Vocabulary in Portuguese. The pedestrians: Os pedestres.

Examples of traffic vocabulary in Portuguese. The crosswalk : A faixa de pedestres.

Portuguese class for foreigners. The corner: A esquina.

Street Vocabulary in Portuguese for foreigners. The parking lot: O estacionamento.

Examples of objects at the street. The plants: As plantas.

Signaling vocabulary in Portuguese. The sign: As placas.


So, guys! Next time you go walking around the city, try to identify all the vocabulary you have just learned. And remember that you can find many other vocabularies on our Youtube Channel. Don’t forget to subscribe.

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