Volley at Copacabana

Volley at Copacabana

Volley at Copacabana, Rio de Janeiro.
Volley at Copacabana.

Actividad Beach Volley, Rio and Learn fue una actividad muy divertida! Muy buena para la intregración con mis compañeros de la escuela y con los maestros de Rio and Learn. Jugar Volley en una de las mejores playas de Rio, con una vista hermosa y compañia inmejorable. Me encantó y espero hacerla de nuevo cuantas veces se pueda! Simplemente maravilloso y muy divertido.

Jorge Rodriguez, Mexico.
Portuguese students playing volley at Copacabana.
Portuguese students playing volley at Copacabana.

To play volley at Copacabana and also enjoy the carioca heat was a great experience for our Portuguese students. We met at Rio & Learn, which is very close to Copacabana beach, and walked to the spot to play volley at Copacabana. Students made use of the RioLIVE! to practice their portuguese. Beginner students had learned feelings and sensations vocabulary and practiced it several times.

After the warm up students split into two groups and the competition began. It was a fierce competition and students took the opportunity to practice the number while they were counting their points.We ended up the activity enjoying Copacabana beach, drinking beer and speaking portuguese.

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