Walking along the Port of Rio

Puerto Maravilla de Río, Museo del mañana.

Everyone loves a good museum exhibit, but my classmates and I were engulfed in an all consuming experience at Museu do Amanhã. This museum tantalized our senses and stirred our minds, simultaneously. As ever present as the sun, art is everywhere in this world and this trip merely put an underscore on the beauty that the earth bears. How better to practice our Portuguese than by being surrounded by friends in such an interactive exhibit.

Gia Burrow, Bahamas

The gang at Museum of Tomorrow
The gang at Museum of Tomorrow

Walking along the Port of Rio in a sunny afternoon is one of the most relaxing things you can do.  The view of Guanabara Bay, the wind gently blowing on our faces and a street musician playing famous Brazilian songs were just a warm up for the main attraction, Museum of Tomorrow.

We learn a lot of new vocabulary and found out how positive or negative is our impact to the world (we were all positive by the way). We left the museum and headed to Etnias Graffiti.

Visiting the largest graffiti in the world. Even the graffiti looked at the picture :P
Even the graffiti looked at the picture 😛

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