Walking Around The Downtown

Estudiantes en la Iglesia de San Francisco de Paula.Students in the Church of São Francisco de Paula

It was a really fun and interesting to see the architecture, beautiful churches. We also stop at markets where you can buy souvenirs for a really good deal! I highly recommend this activity!

Aishat Agboluaje, Canada

Students sitting on Candelaria steps
A wonderful cultural tour

In this RioLIVE! we spent the day walking arround the downtown, visiting beautiful churches and historic buildings, and amazing museums. We learned a little more about the history of Rio de Janeiro, and ended our afternoon talking and drinking a delicious juice on one of the streets of old Rio. Nothing like spending the day walking arround the downtown.

Students at Real Gabinete Português de Leitura
Visiting the most beautiful library!


Check out for more pictures of our day at the City Center on our Facebook:

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