Walking through Lagoa

Walking through Lagoa


Walking through Lagoa and its amazing landscape

Walking through Lagoa and its amazing landscape

Lagoa est un endroit idéal pour se detendre ou faire du sport. Nous nous sommes balladés autour du lac et nous avons pu admirer la beauté du paysage. Cette balade nous a permis d´apprendre à mieux nous connaître, ainsi que de discuter de la culture brésilienne. Nous communiquons toujours en portugais, ce qui nous pernet de mettre en pratique ce que nous avons appris durant la matinée à l´école.

Candice Dupuis, France.


Walking through Lagoa is a very good activity that many cariocas like to do, our students from France, Spain, Colombia and United States went there to do this awesome program. Lagoa (lagoon) is a very popular neighborhood in Rio de Janeiro and it has this name because of the Lagoa Rodrigo de Freitas inside it, good things that cariocas use to do there is to walk, to sail, and exercising a little bit. Students started walking and meeting the natural lanscape of the place, they were really amazed how a very urban place could have such a beautiful space like Lagoa.

After walking all around meeting the place and talking in Portuguese to the dwellers, they finished the activity sat at the pier, relaxed and satisfied.













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