Walking through Urca

Walking through Urca

Walking through Urca with our Portuguese Students
Our Portuguese Students walking through Urca

ברזיל הנפלאה! ובית ספר נפלא ללימוד פורטוגזית. הפעם טיילנו באורכה, מקום מיוחד שאנחנו הישראלים בדרך כלל לא מכירים 🙂 בתים קטנים וחמודים לצד המפרץ, מאוד שונה מהעיר עם הבניינים הגדולים. הלכנו יחד וקישקשנו כל הדרך ובסופה שתינו בירה והמשכנו לדבר ולהכיר אנשים מהעולם שאיתם אנחנו לומדים כל יום. איזה כיך! 🙂

Hila, Israel

Last Friday we had a nice afternoon with our students from Japan, Israel and Spain. Our students went to have a walk around Urca. First they went to Praia Vermelha, where they seated on the sand while talked in Portuguese. They had the opportunity of seen a penguin! It is not the first time that a penguin from Patagonia appears at the Rio’s beaches. The students were surprised!

After that they walked up a little bit along the “Morro” da Urca to took some photos from the beautiful views. There, the students found some “Jaca’s tree” this is one of the biggest fruits in the world.

Then we walked through Urca’s street, and we finish the tour enjoying a cold beer in the seafront, watching the fishermen and the boats.

Check our pictures =)

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