Warming the dance floor. Students dancing Forró in Rio de Janeiro.

The forró lessons offered as a RioLIVE! activity were awesome! I expected forró to be more challenging than it actually is because of my difficulty with Samba, but it wasn’t too bad. Just be prepared for a bit of exercise! Castrinho is a great instructor and brought a lot of energy to the classroom. I’m excited to to visit Feira de São Cristóvão to practice my skills this weekend!

Josh Petrovich, United States

We’ll visit Feira de São Cristóvão in a few days so we needed to be ready to dance Forró. We spent the afternoon warming the dance floor at Rio & Learn. Castrinho, the teacher, help us with some basic steps and we can wait for Friday to come. We’ll dance Forró all night long!!

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Check the link to see how our last Forró classes were:

Dancing Forró in Rio de Janeiro!

One, two, three, four…

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