Watching Rio from Niterói

Estudiantes extranjeros visitando Niterói.

Gisteren waren we met RioLive in Niteroi en hebben we de Museu de Arte Contemporary bekeken van de Braziliaanse architect Oscar Niemeyer. Eu gosto! Daarna hebben we de zonsondergang bekeken en zoals onze leraar zei: het beste aan Niteroi is het uitzicht op Rio de Janeiro. En hij had gelijk! Een leuke manier om je geleerde portugees in praktijk te gebruiken, erg leerzaam!

Daphne Spelier, Netherlands

Such a nice city right next to Rio de Janeiro. Visiting Niterói.
Such a nice city right next to Rio de Janeiro

Our RioLIVE! Niterói was full of amazing views. We took the ferry boat to Niterói and crossed the Guanabara Bay while enjoy the wind through the ferry window. We arrived at Niterói and start our visiting by the Oscar Niemeyer Museum. It’s simply beautiful.

From the museum you can see the beaches of Niterói and the Guanabara Bay from a different perspective of the one we are used to. Watching Rio from Niterói makes us understand why it’s called Marvelous City.

Watching Rio from Niterói
Watching Rio from Niterói

Take a look at the photos on our Facebook, and feel welcome to join us next time!

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