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Passeio no centro histórico do Rio

The RioLIVE! tour of Rio’s centre is a must-do to be able to understand the history of both Rio and Brazil. We had a super fun time exploring all the classic tourist sites like the famous library, various churches, and Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil. In the process our teacher explained some of the context of Brazil’s historic centre, which we wouldn’t learn by staying in the southern suburbs. To finish up our tour we grabbed some obligatory caipirinhas which helped us keep going with our Portuguese at the end of a long day!

Laura Somerset, New Zealand

CCBB - Rio de Janeiro

We already know that our students love Portuguese. But now, they love Portuguese ánd history. Everyone felt that during their visit to the city’s historical center. All the buildings have an incredible history behind them. And the cherry on top of this RioLIVE! was a refreshing caipirinha and good conversations in Portuguese!

Happy hour na rua do Ouvidor

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