We paddled and we loved it!

Paddle surf in Copacabana.

It was a pretty fun experience, everyone had good vibes and it was fun to laugh with friends as we tried to stay on the board. In the end you can simply let the tide pull you back to land as you take it all in, enjoying a pretty view of Rio.

David Gomez, United States

Surfing in Rio de Janeiro

Today was a day to surf in a new experience!! After a lot of Portuguese in the morning, nothing better than more Portuguese in practice during the afternoon, enjoying a flat day in Copacabana, the princesinha do mar as Tom Jobim used to say. In a group of first-timers, we all enjoyed the Stand Up Paddle Surf experience together. After learning everything the instructor taught us, we paddled out to sea! Some left almost like professionals, others gained experience through falls and laughter… but in the end, we all loved it!

Esportes na praia de Copacabana.

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