Weather in Portuguese

19 de May de 2014

Today, the weather is perfect for learning Portuguese! Let’s learn how to talk about the weather in Portuguese. One of the best ways to start a conversation is talking about the weather! Do you know how to say rain in Portuguese? If you also want to learn about the seasons in Brazil, don’t forget to check our other Dica about seasons in Portuguese. We’ll start with some simple questions that you can use.

Asking About the Weather in Portuguese

Como estรก o tempo hoje?How is the weather today?
Como estรก o clima hoje?What is the weather like today?
Como estรก o tempo lรก fora?How is the weather outside?
Qual รฉ a previsรฃo do tempo para hoje?What is the weather forecast for today?
Qual รฉ a previsรฃo do tempo para esta semana?What is the weather forecast for this week?

Whenever we talk about the weather in Portuguese, we use the verbs Fazer and Estar. Let’s see:

  • Hoje o dia estรก ensolarado.
    Today is sunny.
  • Hoje faz sol.
    Today is sunny.

Vocabulary for Weather in Portuguese

Now, let’s listen to some weather vocabulary in Portuguese:

Nevar – To snow  Chover – To rain

Ventar – To be windy

Frio – Cold

Calor – Heat

Agradรกvel – Mild

Fresco – Cool

รšmido –ย Humid

Sol – Sun

Chuva –ย Rain

Chuvoso – Rainy

Ensolarado – Sunny

Nublado – Cloudy

Pancadas de chuva – Rain showers

Neblina – Fog
AbafadoStifling / Muggy

Examples for Weather in Portuguese

  • Hoje estรก fazendo frio.
    Today is cold.
  • Estรก fazendo muito calor no Rio de Janeiro.
    Itโ€™s very hot (at the moment) in Rio de Janeiro.
  • Nunca neva no Brasil.
    It never snows in Brazil.
  • Ontem choveu em Sรฃo Paulo.
    Yesterday it rained in Sรฃo Paulo.
  • Semana passada estava ventando muito.
    Last week was very windy.
  • Estรก fazendo muito sol.
    It’s very sunny (at the moment).
  • Quando estรก nublado eu gosto de ficar em casa.
    When it is cloudy, I like to stay at home.
  • No verรฃo temos muitas pancadas de chuva.
    In the summer, we have lots of rain showers.
  • Quando tem neblina devemos dirigir com cuidado.
    When thereโ€™s fog, we should drive carefully.
  • Cuiabรก รฉ uma cidade muito abafada.
    Cuiabรก is a city where the weather is stifling.

Practice a Bit More

Now we know how to talk about the weather in Portuguese. So, here are some questions for you to answer and practice, for when you come learn Portuguese in Brazil:

  • Como estรก o clima na sua cidade hoje?
    What’s the weather like in your city today?
  • Qual รฉ o seu clima favorito?
    What type of weather is your favorite?
  • O que vocรช gosta de fazer em dia de sol?
    What do you like to do on a sunny day?
  • O que vocรช gosta de fazer em dia de chuva?
    What do you like to do on a rainy day?

Now It’s you Turn!

Come rain or shine, we will curtir (enjoy) Rio de Janeiro in Portuguese! Come and enjoy it with us!
We are waiting for you here.


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