What does Brazil mean

27 de March de 2018

Hello everyone! My name is Regula and I’m student at Rio & Learn, in Rio de Janeiro!
Today we are going to learn why is Brazil called Brazil, in other words: what does Brazil mean. You are going to discover about Brazilwood Tree

As you can see in this video, we went to a forest, and there we can find Brazil name origin. The story begins when the Portuguese first came to Brazil and found this tree:

Why is Brazil called Brazil

When they cut this tree, they saw it was red inside, just like fire, so they called it Pau-Brasa (ember wood). The name later changed into Pau-Brasil. They found out that besides producing good wood for construction, they could also extract a liquid from it to dye pieces of clothes in the European textile industry.

As this tree could be found in every forest, they decided to name the country Terra do Brasil (land of Brasil) and later it became Brazil as we know.

Vocabulary listΒ 

O que Brasil significa What does Brazil mean
Árvore Pau-Brasil Brazilwood tree
Floresta Forest
Origem Origin
Os portugueses The Portuguese
Encontraram Found
Árvores Tree
Cortaram Cut
Vermelho Red
Fogo Fire
Pau-Brasa Ember-wood
Madeira Wood
Construção Construction
Extrair Extract
LΓ­quido Liquid
Tingir Dye
IndΓΊstria tΓͺxtil Textile industry
PaΓ­s Country

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