What does Eita Mean in Portuguese? Eita

Hello folks! Welcome to one more Portuguese lesson! Today we will talk about the word Eita. But what does Eita mean in Portuguese?

Eita doesn’t have a specific meaning but it is used as an interjection in Brazil and expresses surprise or fright. Want to understand it better? So let’s take a look at our examples:

What does Eita Mean in Portuguese? Eita! Que sapatos bonitos!



To express surprise:

Alejandra: Eita! Que sapatos bonitos!

Alejandra: Wow! such beautiful shoes!

What does Eita Mean in Portuguese? Eita! Tá tudo bem, cara?

To express fright:

Luana: Ai, merda!
Diogo: Eita! Tá tudo bem, cara?!

Luana: Oh, shit!
Diogo: Gee! Are you ok, dude?!

Now it’s your turn to practice!
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