What does Eita Mean in Portuguese?

4 de July de 2017

Hello folks! Welcome to one more Portuguese lesson! Today we will talk about the word Eita. But what does Eita mean in Portuguese?

Eita doesn’t have a specific meaning but it is used as an interjection in Brazil and expresses surprise or fright. Want to understand it better? So let’s take a look at our examples:

What does Eita Mean in Portuguese? Eita! Que sapatos bonitos!




To express surprise:

Alejandra: Eita! Que sapatos bonitos!

Alejandra: Wow! such beautiful shoes!

What does Eita Mean in Portuguese? Eita! TΓ‘ tudo bem, cara?

To express fright:

Luana: Ai, merda!
Diogo: Eita! TΓ‘ tudoΒ bem, cara?!

Luana: Oh, shit!
Diogo: Gee! Are you ok, dude?!

Now it’s your turn to practice!
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