What does Gelada mean?

20 de June de 2017

What’s up galera? On today’s lesson we are going to learn how to use the word Gelada in Portuguese. But what does Gelada mean?

What does Gelada mean?

We use the word gelada as an adjective to refer to cold things. This word varies according to the word you are referring to. Check this example:

what does gelada mean. Porra, que mão gelada! Morreu?

Luana: Igor… 
Igor: Porra, que mão gelada! Morreu?

Luana: Igor… 
Igor: Fuck! That’s such a cold hand! Have you died? 

But informally, this word can also refer to a beer. So, when you want to order a beer you can simply say Uma gelada, por favor or also Uma loira gelada, por favor. Let’s see:

what does gelada mean. Uma loira gelada, por favor!

Lee: Uma loira gelada, por favor!
Garçom: Ok!

Lee: One beer, please.
Waiter: Ok!

what does gelada mean. Bom dia! Me dá uma gelada, por favor?

Luana: Bom dia! me dá uma gelada, por favor?

Luana: Good morning! Can you give me a beer, please?
Attendant: Sure!

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