What does Psiu mean in Portuguese

What does Psiu mean in Portuguese. Foreigners students using Psiu.
Hello guys, I’m Claudia and I’m a student at Rio & Learn.
Today we are going to learn how to use Psiu! What does Psiu mean in Portuguese?

Foreigners think that Psiu! is not very polite, because it sounds like if we were calling a dog. But here in Brazil we can also use it to call someone’s attention when we are at a place, but not in a rude way.

Call someone’s attention


Claudia: Cássio, onde você está?
Cássio: Oi, Claudia! Tudo bem? Eu tô aqui na praça.
Claudia: PSIU! Cássio! Estou aqui!
Claudia: Cássio, where are you?
Cássio: Hi, Claudia! How are you? I’m here at the park.
Claudia: PSIU! Cássio, over here!

We can also use PSIU to call the waiter at a place. Take a look.

Call the waiter


Claudia: PSIU! Pode trazer a conta, por favor?
Claudia: Obrigada!
Claudia: PSIU! Can you bring me the bill, please?
Claudia: Thank you!

And finally, we can use it when we want to call someone but we don’t know his name. Now we are ready to use Psiu! everywhere, right? I hope you enjoyed the video and don’t forget to subscribe on our YouTube Channel.

We see you in our next Video Dica.

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