What does Salve mean in Portuguese

6 de June de 2017

Hello guys! Today we areΒ going to teach you the meaning of the expression Salve! But first, what does Salve mean in Portuguese?

Back then SalveΒ was used inΒ an expression called Salve Jorge. This expression wasΒ used to greet a catholic saint called Saint George. Nowadays, this word is also used to greet people here in Brazil. Let’s see a few examples!




What does Salve mean in Portuguese

The expression Salve is used as a synonym toΒ greetingsΒ such asΒ OlΓ‘ and Oi in Portuguese:

What does Salve mean in Portuguese. Pablo: Salve, turma!

Pablo: Salve, turma! Tudo bem com vocΓͺs?
Class: Salve, professor!

Pablo: Hi class!Β Is everything ok with you?
Class:Β Hi teacher!

What does Salve mean in Portuguese. Albert: Salve, Neil!

Neil: Salve, Albert!
Albert: Salve, Neil!

Β Hey Albert!
Albert:Β HelloΒ Neil!

And that’s it for today everyone!
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