What does Tá tranquilo Tá favorável mean?

what does tá tranquilo tá favorável mean. E aí? Tá tranquilo?

Hi there! Let’s learn an expression very popular in Brazilian Portuguese!
What does tá tranquilo tá favorável mean? Very easy! Check it out!

[one_half]Cassio: E aí, Melinda? Tá tranquilo?
Melinda: Tranquilo!!

Igor: E aí, Melinda! Favorável?
Melinda: Favorável!![/one_half][one_half_last]Cassio: Hey, Melinda? Tá tranquilo?
Melinda: Tranquilo!!

Igor: Hey, Melinda! Favorável?
Melinda: Favorável!![/one_half_last]

Tá tranquilo tá favorável means that everything is ok, everything is fine! This expression became very famous in Brazil because of MC Bin Laden, he is a singer, and during the song he does like this, a sign from the soccer player Ronaldinho. The song became very famous because of this sign. It means OK, relax, cool! Let’s listen to the song:

The origin of the sign

The sign is also known as the Hang Loose sign, an English expression a lot used by surfers. There is a legend that says that this sign was created by the king of Hawaii. The king was out to surf and a shark ate three of his fingers, leaving him the thumb and the little finger. Even after the tragedy, the king still used that hand to greet other surfers.

So, now you know one more expression and you can practice during your day. Remember, do the sign!

If you want to learn other expressions take a look at our playlist of Portuguese expressions on our YouTube Channel. We’ll meet you there!

A big hug from Rio & Learn to all of you!

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