What does Tomara mean?

15 de August de 2017

Hello guys! Today we will study the word Tomara in Portuguese. But what does Tomara mean?

What does Tomara mean?

Tomara is an interjection that can be used when we want to express desire about something. In other words, it’s used when someone wants or doesn’t want something to happen.

We use Tomara or Tomara que sim in affirmative sentences:

What does Tomara mean. Eugenio: serΓ‘ que vai ter sol? dominik: Tomara que sim!

EugΓͺnio: Queria ir Γ  praia hoje. SerΓ‘ que vai ter sol?
Dominik: Tomara que sim!

EugΓͺnio: I feel like going to the beach today. I wonder if it will be sunny.
Dominik:Β I hope so, dude!

And we use Tomara que nΓ£o in negative sentences:

What does Tomara mean. Luana: Tomara que nΓ£o!

Igor: SerΓ‘ que os alunos esqueceram da aula de hoje?
Luana: Tomara que nΓ£o!

Igor: I wonder if the students forgot to come to class today.
Luana: I hope not!

We can also use Tomara with a verb in the Present Subjunctive:

What does Tomara mean. Igor: Tomara que o Vasco perca!

Diogo: Cara, tomara que o Vasco ganhe hoje. Apostei 50 reais nele!
Igor: Tomara que o Vasco perca! Apostei 50 reais contra!
Diogo: Porra!

Diogo:Β Dude, I hope Vasco wins today. I bet 50 reais on it!
Igor: I hope it loses! I bet 50 reais against it!
Diogo: Fuck!

Now you are ready to practice this word by yourself!
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nós usamos Tomara quando uma pessoa quer ou não quer que algo aconteça.

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