What is a Canga

8 de August de 2017

Hello folks! Ready to study more? On today’s Dica we will find out what is a Canga in Brazil!

What is a Canga

Canga is a kind of sarong and it’s very popular in Brazilian beaches due to its facility to dry off and its weight.Β They are cheap. They cost between 10 and 50 reais and you can easily find them while walking around the beach or with street vendors.

How to use a Canga

Brazilians often use cangas to dry their bodies after swimming, because cangas don’t hold onto sand like a towel does. By the way, do not use a towel in the beach. It’s a crime!!

What is a Canga. A canga tambΓ©m Γ© usada para secar o corpo.

They can also be used to cover a surface area while you have a great view of the sea.

What is a Canga. Ela senta na canga para observar a paisagem.

Cangas are also used as a fashion statement. Many women are used to leave beaches wearing just bikinis and cangas. It is very usual to see women reinventing garments and using just cangas to do it.

What is a Canga. As mulheres gostam de criar roupas com cangas.

Now you know what is a canga!
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Huge kiss from Rio! Tchau!

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