What is a Gringo from Brazil

23 de May de 2017

Hello everybody! Have you ever heard the word gringo?
If you haven’t learned this yet, you will find out what is a gringo from brazil!

The word gringo comes from the Spanish word griegoΒ and means that a person lives far away and talks in an incomprehensible way. Despite of what people think, Brazilians don’t think it is offensive.

Many people think that the word gringo is only used to refer to North Americans. Big mistake! Here in Brazil this word is also used to refer to anyone who comes from a different country.

What is a gringo from Brazil. I'm Israeli and I'm gringo!

What about you? Do you know any gringos?
WeΒ hope you like theΒ DicaΒ about what is a gringo from Brazil!

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