What is a Pingado in Brazil. As lanchonetes do Rio servem um delicioso pingado!

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On today’s lesson we will show you what is a Pingado in Brazil!

Pingado is how Brazilians call coffee with a splash of milk. It’s really common to order a Pingado at lanchonetes. We will show you how to order a Pingado around here:

What is a pingado in Brazil. Eu gostaria de pedir um pingado, por favor.

Luana: Boa tarde. Eu queria pedir um pingado, por favor.
Atendente: Está bem!
Luana: Obrigada. 

Luana: Good afternoon. I would like to order a pingado, please.
Atendente: Ok!
Luana: Thank you.

It’s really common to see Brazilians having pingados for breakfast on their way to work. As it’s quickly prepared and easy to find, you can stop by any lanchonete and have one.

Do you like Pingado? So does Hugh Jackman!

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A big kiss from Rio.

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