What is a Samba School

What is a Samba School. As Escola de Samba desfilam na Sapucaí.
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A samba school is a group of dancers and musicians that dance and play samba. There are many samba schools around Brazil and here in Rio, the best ones compete against each other during Carnaval at Sapucaí.

Although the name is samba school, it’s not a place for you to learn how to dance samba. It has this name because the first samba schools used to do their rehearsals in a schoolyard. Here in Rio most of the samba schools have the acronym G.R.E.S. before theirs names. It stands for Grêmio Recreativo Escola de Samba, which means Recreative Guild Samba School.

Main Samba Schools in Rio

We prepared a list for you with the main samba schools in Rio de Janeiro. Take a look:

The Samba School Rehearsals

What is a Samba School. Os ensaios na quadra da Escola de Samba.

The samba schools usually prepare themselves for Carnaval months before it. Each of them has their own court, that is a closed place where they can practice, or they can also do street rehearsals, where the community can watch, sign and dance along.

Visiting a samba school is like going to a great party, with lots of beautiful people dancing and a great energy. Have you ever been to a samba school? If you want you can visit one with us on our Samba School Visit RioLIVE! You will surely love it!

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