What is Maluco in Portuguese

30 de January de 2018

Hello everyone! Welcome to one more Dica! On today’s lesson we will explain you what is Maluco in Portuguese!

What is Maluco in Portuguese

In Brazil, we use the word Maluco when we want to say that someone is crazy. It can be used in informal situations, for example, when we are talking with someone or about someone we know. It can be pejorative or playful. It depends on the situation.

What is maluco in Portuguese. Raphael: TÑ maluca, Luana?! Por que tanto açúcar no café?


Raphael: TÑ maluca, Luana?! Por que tanto açúcar ?
Luana: Maluco Γ© quem nega dinheiro!

Raphael: Are you crazy, Luana?! Why do you have to put so much sugar?
Luana: Crazy is the person that says No to money!

Maluco is also used when we want to refer to a friend in a very informal way. Brazilians are a huge fan of this word!


MoisΓ©s: E aΓ­, maluco! Tudo tranquilo?
Raphael: Tudo, cara! E vocΓͺ?
MoisΓ©s: Tudo Γ³timo!

MoisΓ©s: What’s up dude! Is everything ok?
Raphael:Β Yeah, man! What about you?
MoisΓ©s: Everything is perfect!

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