Winter in Lapa

Students in Lapa.

I had a great time in Lapa last Friday! I will definitely be returning there in the future. The streets were vibrant with every type of Brazilian music you can think of, and everyone appeared to be having the times of their lives. It was an environment I absolutely loved being a part of.

Samuel Jackson, United States of America

To enjoy winter in Lapa we had a lot of fun with our RioLIVE! drinking cachaça, dancing and talking a lot in Portuguese. The mix of culture made it possible for us to talk about various subjects and think about the differences between countries.

Students posing and enjoying the winter in Lapa, Rio de Janeiro.
Posing and enjoying the winter in Lapa.

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Rio & Learn's student Samuel posing in Lapa, Rio de Janeiro.
Samuel posing and being beautiful :P.

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