Wonderful day at Parque Lage

Wonderful day at Parque lage

Wonderful day at Parque lage.
Wonderful day at Parque Lage.

Yesterday Pablo took us to Parque lage in Rio. It was beauitful, the park is splendid and such a nice escape from the traffic and buildings of Rio. Located in the park is an arts school in an 200 year old palace with art paintings and a small cafe. Que lindo, the views, the nature and of course walking around with my new friends. I highly recommend visiting Parque Lage with RioLIVE!

Julian Giordani, Australia.

Fun at parque lage.
Fun at Parque Lage.

At the bottom of Corcovado Mountain, Parque Lage is a beautiful park that gathers the architectural structure of the old days in Brazil with natural beauties built in this place. Considered as a cultural and historic heritage of Rio de Janeiro, the park has a palace that shelters the Visual Arts School (EAV) and it also gives us a different angle of Corcovado. Besides that, it is also possible to see some painters working.

Outside, the park has some good features: aquarium, the tower, the cave, the couples’ corner and its forest. It’s a great place to relax and enjoy nature. For those who like hiking, Parque Lage also offers this option, because the track to Corcovado starts there passing through Tijuca’s National Park.

It was a great afternoon, since we could practice our Portuguese and see all the beautiful landscapes at Parque Lage. Come you too and take part in our RioLIVE! Activities.

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