World Cup at Copacabana

Ejemplo con la palabra tá en portugués: A galera tá animada no Maracanã.

World Cup at Copacabana

World Cup in Copacabana's beach
World Cup at Copacabana

Das Spiel Brasilien gegen Mexico zusammen mit den anderen Studenten und den Lehrern aus meiner Schule zu sehen, war sehr toll. Man konnte sich mal ausserhalb der Schule ausfuerlicher unterhalten und besser kennenlernen. Das war sehr gut fuer das Gemeinschaftsgefuehl. Die Stimmung war trotz der Niederlage Brasiliens sehr gut und die Caipirinhas sehr lecker. Freue mich schon auf die naechste Aktivitaet der Schule.

Jasmine Donath, Germany

Yesterday, we watched again the World Cup at Copacabana’s beach with our Portuguese language students! We had students from around the world even our Mexican couple Armando and Paulina were supporting our rival, Mexico! We had our teachers taking care of our students from UK, Mexico, Germany, Ireland, Japan, Ghana, Denmark, Peru, Colombia, Iceland and Switzerland so we could practice some football vocabulary together.

We stand or sit on the beach as we were enjoying the match as a real Brazilian.

It is a unique experience to enjoy a World Cup at Copacabana as you enjoy some beer and get together with your new classmates.

The game was not that good, and finished 0 – 0 but who cares when you enjoy so much?

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