Types of goals in football. O gol de bicicleta é um dos mais bonitos no futebol.

Olá, galera! Are you ok? Do know you the types of goals in football?
What is your favorite style of goal? Let´s learn about the different names for the different styles of goals in Portuguese.

Pablo and Diogo are here to help us with this Dica. Let´s go!

Now it’s your turn

Now that we watched the video, can you identify the types of goals in football? Let’s try it!

Types of gol in football.

Types of goal in football

Gol por la esquadra en portugués.

That’s it my friends! These are some of the types of goals in football, some of them are the most beautiful in football. Do you have a favorite one? Tells us!

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Gol de cabeça
Gol de pênalti
Gol de falta
Gol de voleio
Gol de olímpico
Gol de fora da área
Gol irregular
Gol de bicicleta
Gol de cobertura 
Gol de contra