Meeting 08:00h at Rio & Learn
Costs: You just pay for your drinks

We all know that football is the national passion here in Brazil. We stop everything we are doing to watch our team and root for it. The love for football is so big that fans consider themselves the 12th player, and they can really make the difference. Because of that the FIFA World Cup is the most popular sports event for us.

Now, imagine yourself with thousands of passionate Brazilians enjoying a football match here in Rio. That’s what happens when we watch the World Cup in Copacabana. All of us singing, laughing and even crying for the world’s most important football event.

We are crazy about football!

We are crazy about football!

Join us in this RioLIVE! and let’s watch the football matches at the beach, have a cold beer and root for Brazil (or your country 😁) while we practice Portuguese and learn how to be a true Brazilian. We’ll watch the matches in the famous sands of Copacabana Beach, next to the Copacabana Palace Hotel. And the best part, we don’t need to pay anything!!

Take great pictures to record the moment and scream for your team, don’t be shy. Bring your cameras and prepare your lungs! Let’s show everyone how hot a winter can be in Rio de Janeiro!

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World Cup in Copacabana. Who would win?

Who would win?!