World Cup in Rio

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World Cup in Rio

Foreign students enjoying the World Cup in Rio
World Cup in Rio

Mi primera Copa del Mundo disfrutada en el país organizador, y en un lugar maravilloso, la playa de Copacabana. Fantástico!

Miguel Alegre, Perú.

Portuguese language students ready to enjoy the World Cup

The dream of our students came through as they are enjoying Football World Cup in Rio de Janeiro. Brazil, the country of football (soccer) is receiving the World Cup, the most important sport event after Olympics. And everything started yesterday with the inaugural match between our country, Brazil, and Croatia.

We meet at school with our students and we buy some beers in order to refresh as we were going to watch the match on the wonderful beach of Copacabana just next to Rio & Learn. We were ready with our shorts, our Brazil T-shirts and our havaianas to enjoy a nice evening together.

Thousands of Brazilians and people from around the world were walking on the same direction, to the huge big screens that have been placed in order to enjoy all the World Cup matches on the beach.

One color was dominating Av. Atlântica (link) and Copacabana’s beach, the yellow of the Brazilian National Team. They were thousands of people with just one dream, to win the World Cup.

We arrived to one of the big screens and we took place on the sand and as we were waiting to watch the match we chat on in Portuguese about football and other matters around World Cup. When the players came in to the pitch, everybody excited! Brazilians started to sing the National Hymn, after 4 years waiting, everything was ready!

The game started with sadness, with the first Croatian goal silence was all Copacabana’s long. But Brazilians don’t desisted and we celebrated three more goals with all the Brazilians around. It is easy to do new friends with this scenario.

It was just the first game. Vamos Brasil!!!

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