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21 de November de 2017

Hello guys! Ready for one more Dica? After learning about numbers and dates, it’s important to take a look at the year in Portuguese. As many other languages and cultures, our timeline is divided in two: Antes de Cristo (a.C) Before Christ and Depois de Cristo (d.C) After Christ. This is helpful when we need to talk about a pass date in Portuguese that shares the same numbers with other dates. But let’s first take a good look at how we read the years! That way, you will be able to wish happy new year in Portuguese without any issues!

How to Say Years in Portuguese

In Portuguese, we often use the full name when we want to refer to a year. Take a look at the examples below:

  • 1966 = mil novecentos e sessenta e seis (nineteen sixty-six)
  • 1993 = mil novecentos e noventa e trรชs (nineteen ninety-three)

But we have also another way, that is only used in an exception. When we are talking about the 20th century, we might use a shorter way. Take a look at the examples below:

  • 1966 = sessenta e seis (sixty-six)
  • 1993 = noventa e trรชs (ninety-three)
Year in Portuguese. ano completo: 1990 - mil novecentos e noventa. uma parte do ano: 1985 - oitenta e cinco.

We can also refer to years in whole groups, for example decades and centuries. When talking about decades, again, we are always referring to the 20th century. Take a look at the examples below:

  • Ela viveu na dรฉcada de 50 (She lived in the 50’s)
  • Eu nasci no sรฉculo 20 (I was born in the 20th century)

What about the 2000s?

When we talk about the 2000s, it’s a whole different story! We just say full names, no exceptions here. For example:

  • 2005 = dois mil e cinco (two thousand and five)
  • 2022 = dois mil e vinte e dois (two thousand and twenty-two).
Year in Portuguese. Ano completo: 2010 - dois mil e dez; 2011 - dois mil e onze

Examples for Year in Portuguese

Let’s check out some examples for the use of years in Portuguese. Observe that when we talk about the date in Portuguese, we also use some prepositions. If you want to dive deeper into this matter, we have the right Dica just for you.

Example for Year in Portuguese: Dialogue

Derek: Vocรชs sabiam que o metrรด comeรงou a circular no Rio a partir de setenta e nove?
Christian: Sรฉrio, Derek? Que incrรญvel!

Derek: Sim, muito antes de eu nascer! Eu nasci apenas em mil novecentos e noventa e dois!
Christian: Vocรช รฉ jovem! Eu nasci em oitenta e sete!

Derek: Do you know that the subway in Rio came up in seventy-nine?
Christian: Really, Derek? Amazing!
Derek: Yeah, long before I was born! I was only born in nineteen ninety-two!
Christian: You’re young! I was born in eighty-seven!

Example for Year in Portuguese: Phrases

  • No ano novo de noventa e trรชs, eu vi os fogos de Copacabana!
  • In the new year of ninety-three, I saw the fireworks of Copacabana!
  • Minha mรฃe nasceu em mil novecentos e setenta e nove!
  • My mother was born in nineteen seventy-nine!
  • Vocรช sabe pronunciar dois mil e vinte e dois quando deseja um Feliz Ano Novo em Portuguรชs?
  • Do you know how to pronounce two thousand and twenty-two when you wish a Happy New Year in Portuguese?
  • Em dois mil e vinte e dois, Anna comeรงou a aprender portuguรชs.
  • In two thousand and twenty-two, Anna started to learn Portuguese.
  • Em dois mil e vinte eu fiz o Celpe-Bras!
  • In two thousand and twenty I did the Celpe-Bras!

If you want to say the numbers on the date in Portuguese correctly, take a look at our Dica about Big Numbers in Portuguese.

Learn More About Year in Portuguese

Let’s check our knowledge and pronunciation before our exercise! Take a look at the video below, and don’t forget you can turn on the subtitles!

Exercise to Wrap-it-up

Now, you will be able to say Happy New Year in Portuguese with the full date! How do you feel about it? Donโ€™t forget to check our website to learn more about our school and to follow us on Facebook and Twitter, ok?

Huge kiss from Rio de Janeiro.

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