You Will Never Hike Alone

Con la Rio & Learn nunca caminarás solo.

Dois Irmãos was amazing! The trail was just the right length, we met monkeys and had a great time taking photos at the top. The sunset walk down the favela was really cool too, one of the best RioLIVE! so far!

George Watkins, United Kingdom.

You Will Never Hike Alone
As our British students say: Lovely!

It doesn’t matter what activities you do in Rio, You will never hike alone! That’s what our Portuguese students showed us and they did at this RioLIVE! in one of the most famous spots of the city to hike, Morro Dois Irmãos. Our way up was just great, they had an outstanding pace and could hike really fast, they felt so comfortable that they were even doing it telling jokes in Portuguese and listening to music. At the top, we just admired the perfect view and took awesome pictures with very creative poses.

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