Zico’s All-Star Game

Estudiantes en el Maracaná bebiendo cerveza con las luces del estadio de fondo.

Was a great night at the Brazilian Mecca of football, the Maracanã with the rest of the boys seeing the likes of Kaka, Adriano, Junior Baiano, Júlio Cesar, Petkovic and others🍻Charles Peck, United Kingdom

Zico playing soccer. Zico benevolent game. Red team against white team. Red against White. Four players in red. Soccer field. soccer game.
Zico doing his thing just like in the old days


Spending the night watching Zico’s All-star game was the highest peak of the week and took 40.000 spectators to the stadium. Even better when one of your students is a real soccer afficionado and knows everything about the Maracanã Stadium, from the building to the renewal of the stadium for the World Cup in Brazil, in 2013. Master Zico scored one goal and the game ended at 7×5 and Adriano the Emperor got booed (!).


Large croud at the stadium. Full Maracanã stadium. people watching soccer. Flamengo supporters watching the match
Spectators hoping for the first goal !


Zico has earned his enormous reputation back in the days for scoring hundreds of goals for Flamengo. Therefore, the majority of the cheering crowd was formed by Flamengo supporters, which is the largest cheering crowd in Rio. The cherry on the cake was when one of the students talked to a nice couple and got us two of the event’s t-shirt as a gift from them ! What a beautiful job we have, teaching students Portuguese at Zico’s All-star game !   ;+)


RioLIVE! Julio Cesar reverencing Zico at Zico's All-star game. Zico and Julio Cesar. Zico at the Maracanã.
Master Zico hands a medal of honor to the giant Julio Cesar


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