Surfing in Rio de Janeiro – Surf Weeks

R$ 600,00

Get to know Rio in a different perspective: from the ocean! Can you imagine surfing the waves of carioca’s beach? Come learn or practice surfing in Rio with us!

  • Morning Surf lessons 3 times per week from 6 am to 7 am.
  • Equipment included (board and shirt)
  • Surf teacher to teach you
  • It’s necessary to select a Rio & Learn Portuguese course in order to hire Surf in Rio classes.
  • We can schedule your Surf in Rio Classes so that you can participate on our RioLIVE! Activities.

You can add as many weeks as you want!

Pay $240 Reais as part of your Surf Weeks. The rest must be paid at your first day at the school.



Can you think of a better way to experience this marvelous city than to have surf lessons in Rio de Janeiro? What do you think about surfing in one of the most beautiful settings in Brazil? Come have Portuguese classes and surf in Rio de Janeiro with us! 

Connect with nature in Rio de Janeiro and enjoy the perfect match of beautiful landscapes and waves. You will have a special combination of any of our Portuguese courses in Rio de Janeiro + 3 surf classes per week. The RioLIVE! Activities are also included, allowing you to “live” the city and its culture.

You already know that Rio is a city packed with beaches. The beaches are a great part of the Carioca lifestyle. If you want to experience the city differently and get to understand not just our language but also our sea, surfing in Rio de Janeiro is a great idea!

If you can’t surf, don’t worry! We offer surf lessons in Rio de Janeiro for beginners! You’ll have a surf teacher dedicated to you, that will help you with everything you need. Do you think you can stand on the board? That would be amazing, right?

  • One Week with 3 classes of 1 hour each;
  • Price for one week: 600 reais;
  • The surf class schedule may vary according to sea conditions;
  • Schedule: every day at 6h, 7h, or 8h;
  • Equipment included (board and shirt);
  • It’s necessary to select a Rio & Learn Portuguese course in order to hire Surf Weeks;
  • RioLIVE! Activities every afternoon included.

You probably know that Rio is a very hot city. That’s why Cariocas love drinking caipirinha, beer, and going to the beach. Is there any better way to refresh than to going in the water?

Imagine yourself coming back from your trip to Brazil and telling everyone about the waves that you caught in Rio? Amazing, right? 

You’ll not only learn how to surf, but also practice Portuguese. We can combine your surf and Portuguese classes with our RioLIVE! Activities, so you’ll get to know the best places in town and improve your Portuguese even further.