Complexo do Alemão 15.08.13

Complexo do Alemão

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I wasn´t sure what to expect from the trip, but our guides from the favela took time to explain its various industries, the relationship between it the city and the favela, and the effects of pacification (and tourism) on the people living there. In a small group it was interesting to see a little of the favela, from the perspective of Mariluce and Danusa who grew up and live in the area and were keen to discuss life there.

Graeme Ferguson, Scotland


Yesterday we visit Complexo do Alemão. Complexo do Alemão is a big union of favelas where a big cable car (Teleférico) join them.

Our students loved the hospitality of our local guides Mariluce and Danusa. Our students did a good effort and even than our guides had a good English they enjoy all visit in Portuguese with the nicely help of both of them.  Both of them got amazed of their good Portuguese level.

We travelled around the complexo sky by Teleférico, watching this big community with more than 400.000 people living in. After that, they took all of us to walk around Complexo do Alemão where we saw how it is around.

This visits help to the development of the local community thanks to tourism. All the money goes to local people.

See below the photos of all our students 😉

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