Exploring Botafogo

Exploring Botafogo

Beautiful landscape
Beautiful landscape

Botafogo est un endroit qui me plaisait beaucoup de savoir, il était en fait une grande parce que c’est une bonne option et aussi moins cher pour les gens qui veulent faire l’expérience de Rio, d’un point de vue différent. Je pourrais prendre beaucoup de photos et aussi avoir une belle vue de cette belle ville de sorte que c’est à Rio de Janeiro, a été une expérience très bon et relaxant.

Laurie Thomé, France.

Sunset and the Sugar Loaf
Sunset and the Sugar Loaf

Botafogo is a very popular neighborhood in Rio de janeiro, there are many buildings, stores, schools and other services that can be explored, it’s a very residential place where many cariocas like and rather to live. But there are many other good places to visit over there, Enseada de Botafogo is one example of a good place to visit. It’s a natural place with many beautiful views where people can have a nice notion of one best places in Rio de janeiro, from there, you can the Sugar Loaf, Urca and also Cristo Redentor.

Our students from Germany, France and Switzerland had this experience of visiting Botafogo and the most beautiful places in Rio, we started taking a nice walk at Praia do Flamengo where they could take a lot of pictures and getting in contact with the natural landscape, we continued our walk through the shore and reaching Enseada de Botafogo where they were very amazed with the open area and with the natural view of the place. They also could see the boats on the beach and Urca from a different angle.

In the end they were very happy and admired with this beautiful and natural part of Rio de janeiro,we are sure that they were very satisfied and will recommend Enseada de Botafogo to their family and friends. And you? What are you waiting for to take part in our RioLIVE! activities?

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